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 windscreenSafevue® Windscreens

Shatterprufe windscreens are an OE (Original Equipment) quality windscreen with SABS approval. Safevue is a new addition to the automotive glass product range. Safevue is an affordable option which is aimed at the cash strapped motorist needing a windscreen replacement. Safevue is a quality SABS approved windscreen that is manufactured locally in South Africa.

Manufacturing Process

There is no compromise on the quality of the windscreen as it is manufactured with the same raw materials as a genuine Shatterprufe windscreen. Safevue is not made in accordance with OE (Original Equipment) specification as this standard is not applicable to aftermarket replacement windscreens for certain insured vehicles as well as the older vehicles in the South African carparc. Safevue is however manufactured according to the SANS 1191 (SABS) and European E Mark (ECE R43) standard.

Value Add Components

Safevue is factory fitted with all the necessary beadings & mouldings, mirror brackets, rain sensors, light sensors, antenna sensors where required to support a quality fitment.

Difference between OE (Original Equipment) and SABS Approved

The SABS is a provider of standards, management systems and business improvement processes. Original Equipment (OE) products are manufactured according to specific specifications from the Original Equipment manufacturer eg FORD.


Not Just Shatterproof, It’s Shatterprufe® Windscreens

Shatterprufe® windscreens are more than just laminated glass protection. All windscreens are shatterproof by nature but only Shatterprufe® is the industry-defining, internationally recognised brand that offers a guarantee of excellence. Be aware, not all shatterproof windscreen products are the same. Danger Is Out There – Keep It That Way.

Prufe of Laminated Glass Protection Quality

Shatterprufe® windscreens use a vinyl interlayer placed between outer layers of safety glass. Our laminated glass products are constructed to hold windscreens together in accident situations and prevent debris and dangerous shards of glass penetrating your car’s interior. This glass protection ensures security and safety in any kind of impact. This attention to detail and your safety is one of the reasons why we have become the nationally acclaimed supplier of high quality auto glass.

What makes Shatterprufe® more than simply shatterproof?

Shatterprufe® windscreens are manufactured according to OE (Original Equipment) specification and are required to meet stringent safety and quality checks. The drop-ball test is used by the SABS to verify if windscreens conform to this standard:

We are a windscreen fitter who cares about your safety, we are a fitter who uses Shatterprufe®.


Flat Glass


Flat glass, sheet glass, or plate glass is a type of glass, initially produced in plane form, commonly used for windows, glass doors, transparent walls, and windshields. For modern architectural and automotive applications, the flat glass is sometimes bent after production of the plane sheet. Flat glass stands in contrast to container glass (used for bottles, jars, cups) and glass fiber (used for thermal insulation, in fiberglass composites, and optical communication).

Glass for flat glass has a higher magnesium oxide and sodium oxide content than container glass, and a lower silica, calcium oxide, and aluminium oxide content.[1] (From the lower soluble oxide content comes the betterchemical durability of container glass against water, which is required especially for storage of beverages and food).

Most flat glass is soda-lime glass, produced by the float glass process. Other processes for making flat glass include:

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